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Join the UC Davis Mental Health Initiative all of May (as well as two days in April) to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month!

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Tuesday, April 28

Kick-Off Day

Day ActivityMHI T-shirt + Stuffed Llama Giveaway!

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

We will be holding giveaways throughout May for one lucky winner each week! Winner will receive a custom MHI x Llamas shirt, along with a stuffed animal llama! Follow the instructions below to get a chance to be entered in the raffle. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event and destress with some llama during this quarantine, and get some free stuff!

Evening EventKick-off MHAM with Llamas - Online!

Time: 4 PM

Location: Facebook live stream (@UCDMentalHealth)

Co-hosts: Experience Llamas from Llamas of Circle Home

As a kickoff event in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, UC Davis Mental Health Initiative is hosting a “Zoom with Llamas” livestream! Come hang out with some cute fluffy llamas and learn about the benefits of llama therapy, all while social distancing. Also, don’t forget about our free giveaway! Check our Instagram for the post for more details.

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Thursday, April 30

Denim Day: Exploring Topics of Sexual Assault

Day ActivityPatchwork of Empowerment

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Join the Mental Health Initiative in honoring Denim Day 2020 by contributing to our Denim Day Patchwork of Empowerment. Learn about the history of the intersection between mental health and sexual assault, and have the chance to decorate your own virtual denim patch with words of solidarity to be featured on our Instagram story and show your support.

Evening EventSupporting Survivors and Steps Forward

Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Rachel Henry, CARE

Join the MHI and CARE in their collaboration, “Supporting Survivors and Steps Forward,” held remotely on Zoom. Learn more about the boundaries that breach that of sexual assault, its intersection with mental health, and the best practices on how to support loved ones and survivors.

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Monday, May 4

African Diaspora

Day ActivityBlack Mental Health Trivia

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Evening Event: Black Mental Health and the Pandemic

Time: 6 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Cristin Dent, Dr. Danielle Clark, Kayton Carter, Jon De Paul Dunbar, representatives from Imani Clinic

Join us for a talk by Guest speaker Cristin Dent on the subject of Black Mental Health during these difficult times and the disparities we face, followed by a lively and informal panel discussion to respond and answer your questions related to the subject or anything that is African Diaspora, with Jon De Paul Dunbar, Dr. Danielle Clark, Kayton Carter, and representatives from Imani Clinic.

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Tuesday, May 5

Chicanx/Latinx Day

Day ActivityDiscover Recipes from the Chicanx/Latinx Communities

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Food is an important part of culture and is a form of expression in cultural identity. Check out some new recipes from the Chicanx/Latinx community that are fun and easy to make at home!

Evening EventBeing an Artist in Chicanx/Latinx Communities

Time: 6 PM

Location: Facebook (@UCDMentalHealth), Zoom

Co-hosts: La Conciencia de UC Davis (tentative), Mujeres Ayudando La Raza

Join us for a virtual art show created by Chicanx/Latinx individuals, including paintings/drawings/spoken poetry! We will have artists discuss what it means to create art when you identify as Chicanx/Latinx, how they use their work to express themselves, and about the intersectionality of identity. Attendees will learn how art can be used as an outlet for one’s mental health. Our Co-Host, Mujeres Ayudando La Raza, will join us to help inform our conversations surrounding this theme.

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Wednesday, May 6

Native America and Mental Health

Day ActivityBingo Time with AIRR

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Come join the fun as you try your hand at our Native American and Indigenous themed bingo card! Tag us if you get a bingo to be entered in a raffle for a prize and be sure to challenge/tag 3 of your friends!

Evening Event: The Importance of Holistic Mental Health Support for Native American Students

Time: 5 PM - 7 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: American Indian Retention & Recruitment (AIRR)

Come join our discussion as we are joined by Skye Innerarity MA, a Marriage and Family Therapist, who will be educating us all on the importance of her work and serving the Native Community. During the talk we will be covering the barriers and also support systems we have that impact our mental health while gaining a higher education. Current UC Davis Native Scholars will be present to talk about their experience as an Aggie and getting through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thursday, May 7

Middle Eastern/South Asian

Day ActivityCup of Culture

Time: 9 AM - 6 PM

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Join us for a day filled with creativity, as we introduce you to our Cup of Culture! We will show several ways you can de-stress at home, while informing you about the stigmatization of mental health issues within South Asian communities. These activities will include how to make your own drip painting, how to make a cute cup of Dalgona style coffee, a brief mental health quiz, and so much more! A prize will be rewarded to those who score high on the quiz. We hope to see you there!

Evening EventSay No to Stigma

Time: 6 PM

Location: Zoom

Take a seat, grab some tea, and join us, as we sip and shed light on the conceptualizations of mental illness within South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Topics will range from depression, anxiety, issues around sexual identity/orientation, gender roles, assimilation to western culture, societal pressures and so much more! We're eager to chat with you and share our stories so come join us on May 7th @6pm.

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Monday, May 11

Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic

Day ActivityUndocu-Trivia: Debunking Myths

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Come debunk the myths associated with the Undocumented community! Join us for a fun Instagram trivia all while learning about resources available on campus for the undocumented community!

Evening EventCollective Healing: Unapologetically Embracing our Narratives

Time: 6 PM (24-hour event, voting counted until 6 PM next day)

Location: Facebook (@UCDMentalHealth), MHAM website (

Co-hosts: AB540 and Undocumented Student Center

Join the Mental Health Initiative and AB540 Undocumented center in showcasing the art and stories of the Undocumented/AB540 community here at UC Davis, and vote for your favorite art piece!

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Tuesday, May 12


Day ActivityMale Celebrity Advocates Trivia

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Sharing male celebrities who have spoken out about mental health, to encourage eliminating the stigma of men avoiding mental health care.

Evening EventExploring Masculinity

Time: 6 PM or 7 PM (tentative)

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Shane Saenz, Mark Papp, and Jon De Paul Dunbar from the Student Health and Counseling Services

Our event is a panel discussion on masculinity, and the process by which men in particular take care of their mental health. The panel will consist of Shane Saenz, Mark Papp, and Jon De Paul Dunbar from the Student Health and Counseling Services, who will lead and guide discussion about topics that examine the role of masculinity in mental health, such as how gender expectations shape one’s ability to care for his mental well-being. (Click here to download a recording of the event!)

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Wednesday, May 13

Basic Needs, Part 1: Food Security and Mental Health

Day ActivityFood for Thought

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Put your knowledge to the test and learn about the importance of food security and how it relates to mental health! Follow our event on Instagram story for fun and simple recipes, shocking trivia questions, and accessible resources. Every participant will get a chance to be entered into a raffle for a $25 digital gift card for Safeway.

Evening EventMental Health: Let's Talk About It!

Time: 7 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic

Join our Zoom discussion with Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic about the importance of mental health and basic needs while participating in thought-provoking journaling prompts and practicing tips on grounding yourself.

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Thursday, May 14

Basic Needs, Part 2: Housing and Financial Insecurity

Day ActivityDeveloping Mindfulness and Knowing Your Resources Trivia

Location: Google Form, Zoom

Co-hosts: H.O.P.E., Aggie Compass

Try your hand at MHI X HOPE X Aggie Compass’ all-day trivia for a chance to win a raffle prize! For each question attempted, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes based on items that are commonly needed by homeless shelters and you will have the option of donating some products. There are 15 total questions so you can be entered into the raffle a total of 15 times! You can also tune in through one of many Zoom rooms from 10 AM - 2 PM to speak to us directly about any questions you have! Links to the Zoom rooms and resources can be accessed through the trivia link!

Evening EventHealthcare Inequities and Budgeting Wisely

Time: 6 PM - 8 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Willow Clinic, Aggie Blue-to-Gold Financial Wellness

Willow Clinic members will be presenting on the inequities of healthcare access in the United States and during the current Covid-19 pandemic for folx that are experiencing mental health problems and housing insecurity. They will be followed by Aggie Blue-to-Gold Financial Wellness’ discussion on effective budgeting to help you during these challenging times. By attending this event, your name will be entered into the raffle 10 extra times!

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Monday, May 18

Mental Health Allyship & Interpersonal Relationships

Day ActivityWords of Affirmation

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Encouraging people to share their favorite affirmation or quote and then nominate friends to do the same.

Evening EventMental Health Allyship and Coping with COVID-19

Time: 7 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Tessa Smith, Josh Chave from Student Services, Alex from HOME (tentative)

Our event explores the intersection between mental health allyship and how mental health impacts interpersonal communication through a discussion combined with a presentation on trauma. The discussion, aimed at sparking conservation around interpersonal relationships/allyship in regards to mental health, will include Josh Chave from Student Services and Tessa Smith from Yolo County Health. The presentation on trauma will address our current COVID-19 pandemic, the prevailing risk factors for suicidality, and discuss psychological survival and recovery strategies.

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Tuesday, May 19


Day ActivityLGBTIA+ Knowledge Tester

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Educating individuals on the meanings and facts behind the LGBTQIA+ community.

Evening EventThe Three C’s for Comfy QT’s

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Maia Huang, LGBTQIA Resource Center, Women’s Resource and Research Center

Come together with other queer and trans folx to find community, comfort, and compassion. The facilitator, CAN Counselor Maia Huang, will go over some easy self-care routines to practice during these difficult COVID-19 times. You’ll learn some simple techniques that may help you cope. Sharing your experiences of ‘sheltering in place’ and ‘social distancing,’ as well as listening to others with compassion, are invited and encouraged. Together, we’ll brainstorm ways to find comfort despite COVID-19 adversity and isolation.

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Wednesday, May 20

Mass Incarceration & Mental Health

Day ActivityBehind Bars, Books and Brains

Time: 10 AM - 3 PM

Location: Facebook (@UCDMentalHealth), MHAM website (

Challenge yourself by taking a quiz to test your knowledge on the world of incarceration and its relationship to mental health! How much money do prisons spend on actual rehabilitation programs? How much money is going to prisons versus education? Don’t forget to join our Q&A in the evening via Zoom to find out even more!

Evening EventA Community Showing Unity

Time: 6 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Self-Awareness and Recovery

Come join our discussion as we learn and speak with the leaders representing Self-Awareness and Recovery. Self-Awareness and Recovery is an organization founded by formerly incarcerated folks looking to bring change and awareness on how mass incarceration and mental health intersects. This event will be a Q and A so please bring any questions you may have!

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Thursday, May 21

Be Body Positive

Day ActivityBody Positive Affirmations

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Share positive self-affirmations and affirmations in general on the Mental Health Initiative Instagram page.

Evening EventBe Body Positive: The Power of Self-Love, Self-Care, and Expressing Authentic Beauty

Time: 5 PM - 7 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Connie Sobczak from The Body Positive

Join Connie Sobczak, author of Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!) and Co-Founder of the nonprofit organization The Body Positive, for an interactive virtual workshop where she will offer The 5 Competencies of the Be Body Positive Model that open people to a deeper connection to self-love, intuitive self-care, and authentic beauty. In this workshop, you will learn tools to help you quiet your critical voice so you can listen more closely and respond more effectively and kindly to your body's needs and desires, which can be extra hard during this time of sheltering in place. The workshop will close with an exploration of authentic beauty that will leave you seeing more beauty in yourself and in others without the distraction of competitive comparisons.

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Tuesday, May 26

Neurodivergent Communities + Disabilities

Day ActivityMyth-busting Disabilities Q&A!

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

Share fun facts and myths about the neurodivergent community and living with disabilities.

Evening EventMental Health in Neurodiverse Communities

Time: 6 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Autism and Neurodivergent Community at UC Davis, Disability Collective at UC Davis

The Autism and Neurodivergent community at UC Davis is hosting a virtual panel-style meeting to discuss mental health in the neurodivergent and disabled communities. The event will address questions and have discussion time as well. Questions regarding COVID-19 will be added as well.

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Thursday, May 28

The AAPI Experience

Day ActivityLet Your Story Unfold

Time: 10 AM - 2 PM

Location: Instagram (@ucdmentalhealthinitiative)

We're all homebound in hiding, but that shouldn’t stop us from staying connected. Join us for a virtual origami folding session —  all while learning about how cultural beliefs impact mental health and why there is a lack of mental health resources in the AAPI community. This is a unique opportunity for all to unfold their stories and learn about AAPI representation on campus and how that intersects with mental health. We’ll be providing different origami paper designs and instructions for everyone to print out and make at home. Asian American Association (AAA) will be joining us to facilitate this learning experience!

Evening EventThe Quiet Crisis in the AAPI Community

Time: 6 PM - 7 PM

Location: Zoom

Co-hosts: Dr. Tatum Phan

Join MHI and API Retention Initiative for a discussion via Zoom with Dr. Tatum Phan on the intersection of AAPI identity and mental health. We will be exploring topics such as intergenerational stigma, sociocultural values and expectations, generational gaps, and lack of mental health resources. In light of the current circumstances, we will also be touching on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the AAPI community.

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